Hrm300r2 Weekly Overview WeekK3 Recruiting And Staffing Essay

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HRM/300 Weekly Overview
Week Three: Recruiting and staffing
Objectives for the Week

Describe the role of human resource planning in the strategic planning process of an organization.
Determine the essential elements of a job position based on job analysis data.
Compare and contrast recruiting strategies.
Outline a process for recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring employees.

What You Already Know

Last week, we discussed the legal and ethical framework of human resource management (HRM). We reviewed major employment laws and legislation and discussed their impact on HRM practices. The concepts learned last week provide a foundation in which future HRM topics can be discussed.

This Week in Context

In Week Three, we discussed the process of human resource planning and its relationship to an organization’s strategic planning process. This process is important because it is necessary for a human resource manager to understand how human resource activities can enable an organization to achieve its strategic goals.

The other focus this week is on recruiting and staffing. In order to continually operate, a company must recruit and hire qualified employees. As a human resource manager, you need to understand the general processes and best practices for recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring employees.

Assignment Overview

The Individual and Learning Team assignments due in Week Three give you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the important