Hrm542 Week 2 You Decide Essay

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Week 2: The Healthcare Facility and Staff – You Decide

Health Rights and Responsibilities

September 16, 2012

I. Identification The dilemma is that Mrs. Margie Whitson a patient at Golden Oaks Rehabilitation Center is going through some very hard times after just loosing her son William about a week ago. She has also had to deal with loosing her husband in the past 5 years leading up to this. She is also reflecting back to when she lost her first son to a motor vehicle accident. Margie is having a very difficult time taking this all in and now feels all alone and wants the one and only thing keeping her alive removed. Margie suffered a heart attack 2 years ago that almost took her life and she
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Another theory that can be can be applied is the Consequential Ethical Theory that focuses on the morally right action that will lead to the maximum balance of good or evil. The Utilitarian ethics believes that the moral worth of an action is only determined by its contribution to happiness as summed by all people. The last theory would be the Deontologic ethics that is focuses on the duties to others, which consists of telling the truth to all patients.
III. Communication The ethics committee then sits down together and communicates with each other about the dilemma while going over the morals values and theories that apply to this particular dilemma to ensure that all of the rights steps and decisions are taken before they come to a conclusion on what to do for Margie. This step in communication is very critical to make sure that the committee review the dilemma properly, resolve any ethical dilemmas, resolve any conflicts, and to figure out if any additional support is needed. The committee does not necessarily come up with final decisions but they provide the needed advice to guide doctors, nurses, etc. towards making the right decisions. The ethics committee members all agree that there is indeed a dilemma with Margie wanting the aid of a doctor to take her life by removing her pacemaker, which is the only thing that is keeping her living. After meeting