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HSA 505: Health Service Strategic Marketing

MISSED OPPORTUNITY In the case of study “Missed Opportunity” there is a character by the name of Susan Daniels. Ms. Davis is the top marketing officer of Briarwood Medical Center, there she is trying to secure to billboards located on the premises. This is a prize location because the billboards panels are located on the main traffic strip. The panels will provide countless opportunities to market the medical center and an excellent investment. Briarwood Medical Center was entangled in a endless battle for the market share against a skilled competitor Crestview Hospital, thus making every opportunity to win patients crucial. This is an opportunity
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When it comes to healthcare the cost is very important and is taken into consideration when choosing a healthcare provider.
Billboard Reactions When it comes to the reactions of the customers and other community stakeholders to the billboard it varies. For the customers’ reactions, the case study states that the Briarwood Medical Center collects 42% of new patients through advertisement in the Oakland area. With Crestview Hospital taking a key marketing asset away from their competitor it put them in a good position to take away consumers and gain future consumers as well. The patients that do not have a relationship with any medical provider look to advertising, among other things, as they go about making their patronage decisions. The stakeholders for the Briarwood Medical Center were very upset with the fact that the company did not capitalize on the opportunity that was given to them. Briarwood Medical Center initially struggled in marketing previously losing market share for a decade. Due to the poor results it led Briarwood Medical Center governing board to appoint a new management team. Susan one on the new members they brought aboard to change things, and result the fortunes of the institution improved thereafter. To hear that this opportunity was missed stakeholders did not appreciate to hear the bad news. At this point of time there healthcare industry cannot afford to miss out on huge marketing opportunities such as the