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HSA 530 Complete Course HSA530 Complete Course
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HSA 530 Week 1 Discussion
"Changes in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Employment Law" Please respond to the following: * * From the scenario “Learnscape 1: More Help Needed – Now!”, examine the role of human resources in health care organizations. Suggest a key characteristic that is required by HR to establish effective relationships with line managers, indicating the likely impact to the organization. * * From the scenario “Learnscape 2: Tough Dad Approach”, recommend a strategy that HR can use to
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Question 15
Many the personnel departments’ image problems were owing to the performance and behavior of personnel practitioners who were not fully prepared for the times.
Question 16
The “employment office” gradually evolved into “human resources” because:
Question 17
The people-centered manager is must primarily focus on in getting the necessary work done through the efforts of people.
Question 18
It is strongly recommended that all managers describe their management styles in detail to their employees so the employees will know what to expect.
Question 19
Managers in some health care departments must necessarily address the needs of employees of greatly varying education and capabilities.
Question 20
A department manager’s visibility and availability to employees is important because:
HSA 530 Week 4 Discussion
"Performance Appraisals and the Law" Please respond to the following: * According to the material in Chapter 9, most employee complaints related to performance evaluations are based on alleged violations of employment law. Determine what you think would be a common complaint that could have legal consequences. Propose a strategy that HR could implement to reduce the number of these types of employee complaints.

HSA 530 Week 4 Assignment 1
Assignment 1: Health Care