Hsc 3045 Promote Positive Behaviour Essay

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HSC 3045 Promote positive behaviour

Summarise the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour.
All adults who work within the secure care environment have a responsibility to themselves and Clayfields. We must exhibit a high standard of behaviour, both in 1:1 dealings with the young person/group, care affiliated professionals and the public, as our example of behaviour has a significant influence on the children’s behaviour. Good, strong teamwork between RCW's encourages good behaviour from the young people. Clayfields behaviour policy that staff should be aware of and adhere to; all new staff follow an induction programme to guarantee a dependable approach to behaviour
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Physical intervention may only be used upon ensuring safeguards are in place for the member of staff and also the person involved and when social and mechanical intervention is not sufficient . Moderate risk to prevent danger to others should be expected but physical intervention may not be used if there is a substantial risk of injury or it conflicts with any individual care plans in place.
• Planned Intervention - using evidence from observations, assessments, care plans and risk assessments. A planned intervention may be ensuring that a member of staff sits with a child at group times to support, facilitate and moderate their behaviour towards the other children.
• Emergency intervention – actions taken to diffuse/deflect unpredicted events. A emergency intervention may occur in the form of a pre-empted self harm or fire risk.

2.Proactive Strategies

Proactive strategies are the strategies that are already in place to deal with behavioural problems. Proactive behaviour management is basically ‘training’ the children in what is expected of them. Reasons children behave as expected could be that they simply ‘know’ what is expected of them or they ‘know’ the consequences for not behaving appropriately. Praise is the best way of promoting a proactive behaviour management plan. We need to give lots of praise