Hsc300 Unit 9 Assignment

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Unit 9 Assignment

Michelle Rogers
Kaplan University

Sandra Lombardino is a 69-year-old, married woman with 4 grown children. She recently retired from her job as an elementary school teacher after 33 years. Other than being overweight, Sandra is in good health. Sandra’s dream for retirement was to travel and do volunteer work but instead of living her dream she is stuck at home taking care of her sick husband who was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver caused by 40 years of drinking alcohol excessively. He is morbidly obese and has also developed high blood pressure and diabetes. He continues to drink despite the serious condition. In the past he has been physically and verbally abuse to Sandra and her children causing the children
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Services and resources aimed at supporting independence and protecting quality of life for older Oklahomans (retrieved from website, https://www.okdhs.org/agingservices). Some of the services they provide are Adult Day Services, Long-Term Care Ombudsman, and Area Agencies on Aging. They could arrange Adult Day Services for Sandra’s husband and while he’s there Sandra could go volunteer or just have some time to herself. This would give Sandra time away from caregiving. If Sandra decides to place her husband in nursing home, her State Department of Human Services Aging Services Division can assist her with that as well. They can connect her with a social worker who can provide stress management services.
After considering all I’ve learned I feel that the HSP should use the Strengths Perspective approach and Problem Solving. “Strength perspective focuses on client resources, capabilities, knowledge, abilities, motivations, experience, intelligence, and other positive qualities that can be put to use to solve problems and pursue positive change” (Zastrow, 2013, p. 13) Sandra probably has strengths she is just to frustrated and angry to realize it. Problem solving would give Sandra the tools to keep a problem from turning into a crisis and could prevent some unwanted