United Way Of America Research Paper

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United Way of America

December 10, 2012
Regina Campbell

United Way of America was founded in 1887 by a woman, a priest, a Rabbi and two ministers. They created an organization to serve as an agent that would collect funds for them so they could be used for local charities and counsel. With a main goal making long lasting changes in people’s lives by focusing on the underlying causes and problems. United Way of America is a non-profit organization that is based out of Virginia. The United Way of America works with over 1200 United Way offices that are located throughout the country. United Way is a charitable organization that works off of fundraising and support. The United Way is in place to help families and individuals achieve their potential through education, income stability and healthier lives.

The United Way’s mission is “United Way improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good”

The United Way has goals that they try to achieve. Improving education is a major goal that they have. Every year 1.2 million students drop out of school. United way is there to lower that number. United way tries to support to local community. Without the community stepping in to help with education drops may rise. United Way sees education as that of something that needs to be started once a child is born. If you can implement how important education is into a young child their chances of sticking with it and going further with their education are a lot higher. Helping people achieve their financial stability is another one of United Ways goals. There are over 300 United Ways and their local communities’ that are involved with activates to help gain the financial stability of lower income families who are financial unstable. The main focus areas of helping people achieve their financial stability are family sustaining employment, affordable housing, savings and assets, manageable expenses and income support. United Way wants to see you achieve in life. They have people that are able to help you get through some hardships you may be facing. Having good health is something everyone is focusing on. United Way is working to make America healthier. United Way wants to be able to make sure that everyone has the access to affordable and quality care. Not just people that cannot afford it. But for those that have suffered from abuse or those that have addiction they need to kick. As well as people that have a mental illness. Everyone should be able to get the help. And that is what United Way is working to achieve. United Way is an organization that is there to help your community. They are there when you need assistance with your education and may help you with that extra push. You have families they may not be able to afford the right education their child may need to succeed. United Way is there to help that family. Everyone has different needs and United Way sees that. Their