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HSM Personal Leadership Plan Kaitlin Garcia HSM230 Sharon Volpicelli 04/18/2015

Leadership can be and is displayed in many fields. Leadership can be described as a social influence someone has that actually can support someone else’s achievements or accomplishments. Human Services provide a wide range of fields where leadership can be displayed. Addiction counseling is a future consideration of interest for me. There are several moral responsibilities that would be present being a leader in addiction counseling. Many of those that would seek help, would either be seeking advice- some to become sober and some to stay sober. It would be a moral responsibility to decide the best way to approach each situation by the evaluation of each patient/client. For example, if a patient came to you under the influence of a substance, displaying suicidal signs. I would ensure mental counseling first, before counseling for the addiction. The moral responsibility in this case would taking care of the most important things like the clients well-being. When considering moral responsibilities one must act professionally without letting emotions in the way.
When developing a moral vision or road map that would be used for guiding, I would include both personal goals, and also goals for the human service program and workers. I would want to achieve certain goals by certain time periods. Setting time limits and completing before time is something that I have been accustomed to and actually enjoy it. The results are an inspiration to continue on. My road map would include things such as different situations, for each situation there is a starting and ending point. The patient or client must get through each hurdle in the road before they can continue on. It is essential that each counselor within the organization must act and practice professionally. Each situation is its own route, therefore, each case is different and equality is must. My big thing, is making the client/ patient feel welcomed, and are comfortable enough to keep coming so that the problem is resolved. However, it is easy to develop a personal relationship, so professionalism should be obtained in all situations for the best of interest of clients and counselors.
Employee success is very essential to me. As a leader, I want everyone that I work with to be satisfied so they can be successful. If your co-workers are unhappy they may perform a hundred percent of what they can. Sometimes, this may be from an inflexible schedule, over-stressed boss, over-stressed coworkers, or being underpaid. Creating a positive work environment is huge for a team. Leadership is all about being the leader of your team. Directing, suggesting, and analyzing certain techniques with your team provides routes of communicating that further the learning process for everyone. Weekly meetings are a must, and can be a way a counselor can discuss certain issues they may be having.
Alongside the journey just like if you were to be on a road trip, you would be keeping track of your journey, possibly by pictures. Well, in this journey to success and as a leader it is