Hsm220 Final Project Essay

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HSM220/Final Project
Katrina Kearney
Statement of Opportunity
The statement of opportunity comes from the mission statement which is a statement of purpose of any organization. The organizational statement of opportunity for services provided for high school dropouts is that the organization will provide a staff that is knowledgeable in different fields which are required for high school dropouts to obtain the skills needed to gain employment, provided that the setting is safe and structured. In addition to not having any basic skills for even manual labor, they also lack basic reading and writing skills most times. With this in mind, offering education courses and tutoring in basic reading and writing, with the goals of getting the
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Schools in which students have limited opportunities appear to have limited opportunities appear to have higher dropout rates. Lack of Academic success can easily discourage a student from finishing school. Students who often get low grades, fail subjects, and are returned in grade are more likely to leave school prior to graduation.
In 2000 Russell W. Rumberger and S.L. Thomas found that public, urban, and large schools and those with higher student-teacher ratios tend to have higher dropout rates.
The last topic is the Outside factors. Factors outside of school have an impact as well. Examinations of these outside factors concern the degree of which they are supportive of schooling is considered as important to the current or future lives of students. In both scenarios external factors can be natural consequences of a wider variety of social forces on the result of deliberate educational policies. For example, In the United States the views of schooling are reflective within the policies, such as educational requirements for jobs, and in media campaign encouraging students to stay in school.
Human Resources and Budget
Many budget approaches play an important role in resource allocation in human service organizations. Dropouts cost the nation billions of dollars in lost tax revenue and in welfare, unemployment, and crime prevention programs. Before lawmakers vote even more money to prevent dropouts they should investigate what works and what