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Quiz 5 Study Guide
1. Private logic includes which of the following:
a. lifestyle goals,
b. hidden reasons,
c. immediate goals.
d. All of the above

2. Adler believed that problems that come to therapy are related to:
a. Career, love relationships and friendships
b. Attention, power, inadequacy
c. Career, sex, and power
d. Revenge, career, relationships

3. Adler believed people need to be educated to value and exhibit:
a. superiority
b. social interest
c. achievement
d. career competency

4. Adler’s concept of style of life refers to:
a. A person’s picture album
b. The way a person meets personal needs
c. The direction in which the person is moving
d. The family constellation

5. Which of the following
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they are born completely helpless and remain that way through a long childhood.
d. they are born as princes and princesses and can't live up to this.

8) According to Adler, the counselor's job was to help the child substitute realistic goals for unrealistic goals and install social interest and concern for others. In accomplishing that, the Theory of the Family Constellation came about. Which one of the following birth orders is characterized most often as being creative and freethinking?
a. the Only child
b. the First-born
c. the Second-born
d. the Youngest 9) Adler mentions several goals of misbehavior: Attention, Power, Revenge and .
a. Withdrawal
b. Inadequacy
c. Destructive
d. both A and B 10) Which counseling philosophy or practice is being used when you use fables as analogies to the child's situation?
a. Life as holistic
b. Understanding
c. Confrontation
d. Stages 11) According to Dreikurs, a display of inadequacy can best be treated by:
a. encouragement.
b. the buddy system.
c. ignoring.
d. reinforcement. 12) The ultimate driving force of people according to Adlerian theory is:
a. a striving for power.
b. a feeling of inferiority.
c. the drive to fill deficiency needs.
d. the drive to fill being needs. 13) According to Adlerian psychology, the four reasons that children misbehave are:
a. power struggling, irresponsibility, lack of adequate value system