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The Lottery

Vanessa Batista
Professor Nuen

Introduction Residents in New Hope live the life that we would all dream to live. What makes New Hope so unique? In New Hope there is no wars, there are no unemployment rates, no rapes and no robberies. There are no types of crimes being committed, everyone lives well over the poverty line, they probably don’t even have one or even an illiteracy rate and everyone has a home to go to at night. In American and around the world we have all of that and none in New Hope.
There has been numerous America’s war since 1775-2012, such as the American Revolution, The Civil War, the Spanish American War, WW1, WW2 and so much more. In just the American Revolution total battle deaths were 4,435 and non-death wounded were 6,188, out of the 217, 00 that went into battle (infoplease, 2011). Compared to New Hope where there are no wars, so there are no deaths and none wounded. One of our biggest Wars which were World War 2 that was from 1940 till 1945 in which 16, 112,566 men decided to go to War, 291, 1557 men died during the battle (infoplease, 2011). Not to mention the other men’s life that was lost out of the battle field which was in total 113,842 and ones that got wounded 671,846 (infoplease, 2011). In America’s war we lose thousands if not millions of Americans.
Unemployment Rates What is the unemployment rate in America in the past couple of years? Well just in New York the statewide unemployment rate in New York declined from 5.9% to 5.8% in December 2014, reaching its lowest level since September 2008 (National Conference of State Legislatures , 2015). So nationwide in December 2014 the unemployment rate was a 5.6%. Meaning that 9.0 million people are left unemployed (bls, 2015). So what is the unemployment rate in the town of New Hope.? After watching the movie I realized that their unemployment rate is 0%, meaning that there is not one person in that town who isn’t employed. Which many of us who have bills to pay and a family to feed would do anything to live in a town like New Hope.
When it comes to rape it is really hard to know how many actually happened within a year. Why is that? Well the main reason is because 68% of sexual assaults are not reported to police (RAINN Rape Abuse Incest National Network, 2009). Each year there are about or more than 293,000 victims of sexual assault. When it comes to children there are 15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12 (RAINN Rape Abuse Incest National Network, 2009).Most men that have committed the crime is a friend or an acquaintance and 98 % of them will never spend a day in jail. Again New Hope has no rapes or no reported rapes. Which, if you think about, if there are not being reported, how do we know if it is happening?
In 2013 there has been an estimated of 11,302,102 arrests in the United States. The highest numbers of arrests were for drug abuse violations estimated at 1,501,043 arrests, larceny-theft estimated at 1,231,580, and driving under the influence estimated at 1,166,824 (FBI, 2014).Let’s not also forget the, aggravated assaults and rape arrests. In my last paragraph I mention how it’s really hard to have an estimated number for rapes. But in 2013there were and estimated of 79,770 arrests for rape (bls, 2015). The people in New Hope don’t have to worry about being robbed or being arrested for drug abuse or for being assaulted with a gun or any of those crimes that we have to deal with in America or anywhere else in this world.

Poverty First to being poverty level is the set minimum amount of gross income that a family needs for food, clothing, transportation, shelter and other necessities. In the United States, this level is determined by the Department of Health and Human Services (investopedia). More than 45 million people, or