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Huckleberry Finn: Part 2
August 24, 2013

1. Huck and Jim have been separated yet again, and this time Huck ends up staying with a family, the Grangerfords. The family is very nice and treats Huck well, and Huck really enjoys being with the family. The Grangerfords are in a huge family feud with the Shepherdson’s and have been for a very long time. Neither side of the families can remember what their feud was all about but each year people in both families end up dying.
2. Buck is one of the Grangerfords, and he`s Huck`s age. When the Grangerfords bring Huck into their home Buck gives Huck some of his clothes to wear, and Huck stays in Bucks room with him. One day Buck tries to shoot Harney Shepherdson on his horse, but he ends up missing. Huck asks Buck why he would want to kill that young man, and Buck tells him it’s because of the feud between their families and he would kill him just because of that. When Sophia Grangerford runs off with Harney Shepherdson, Buck and another Grangerford get in a gunfight with the Shepherdson’s. Both of the Grangerford boys are killed in the fight, leaving Huck disturbed and he leaves with Jim back down the river.
3. Emmeline is a daughter of the Grangerford family she was a beautiful artist, but had fallen ill and died. The family has many pictures hung all over the house that she had made, but all of the pictures tell a story about sadness and death. Emmeline had started on a painting that she thought would be her best yet, but had taken sick and was unable to finish it before she died. Each year on her birthday the family would put flowers over that painting in her honor. Emmeline`s room has been kept the same as she liked it when she was alive, and Mrs. Grangerford is the only one that tends to it. Mrs. Grangerford wouldn`t allow the maids to clean it and she spends time up in the room sewing or reading the Bible. Emmeline also had kept a scrapbook while alive and would take newspaper clippings on obituaries, accidents, and cases of sufferings and then right poems about them. Huck felt that it was sad that Emmeline had written poems as tributes to people who had died when she was alive, but now that she was dead no one had made one for her, so he decided to write her one.
4. Sophia Grangerford and Harney Shepherdson are a part of opposite families, and they have a secret admiration toward each other that both families don`t know of. One day Sophia asks Huck to run down to the church and grab a bible she had left in the pew where they`d sat. Huck does so for Sophia, but before bringing her back the Bible notices a slip of paper in it that reads “half past two”. Huck brings Sophia her Bible back and she dearly thanks him for all he`s done. Huck doesn`t know what the note means, but soon finds out the next day when Sophia runs away with Harney.
5. During the time that Huck is staying at the Grangerfords house, Jim is staying down in the swamp. At first Jim had heard Huck calling for him the night they had to abandon their raft but he didn`t want to call back, for fear of being caught. Jim followed him to the Grangerfords and found the workers of the house down at the bank bickering over who got the raft, but Jim informed them that it was his white masters and they couldn`t steal it from them. The black workers showed Jim a place to hide down in the swamp where the Grangerfords dogs wouldn’t be able to smell him, and they brought him food every day. One of the workers brought Huck down to Jim to show him that he`s alive and will wait their for Huck. The night that Sophia and Harney had run off, and some of the Grangerfords had died, Huck went to find Jim and they got back on the raft and headed back out on the river.
6. While Huck and Jim are traveling down the river they come across two men who are fleeing from trouble and plea to be let on the raft. They take the two men a couple miles downstream to safety, where they learn that the two men turn out to