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In this paper I will be explaining how the disorder Autism affects the normal development to humans. This topic is very interesting for me to learn about with all the evidence found and I have about three relatives in my family have this disorder Autism. Autism seems to affect many social skills and ways to communicate with others in all sorts of ways that I will be explaining about. People who have Autism seem to excel greatly in math skills, music, art, and visual skills. For example, often perform well in tests that involve visual abilities, such as fixing jigsaw puzzles, or matching shapes together. Many people with this disorder have many special talents of their own. As for instance, memorizing huge pieces of facts about favorite subjects they have alot of interst in. My cousin Dylan loves to do puzzles and matching games with cards, he peforms so well putting all these things together solving them in a split second. Its fascinating how my cousins brain works hes so smart and intelligent how he puts things all together. Studies say that boys are more common to develop Autism more than girls do. 1 out of 54 boys, and 1 out of 252 girls are diagnosed with Autsim in the United States. Some skills people have trouble with while having this disorder is social skills, touch, and speech. For instance my cousin Cole who is 10 years old has Autism and does not like to be touched or hugged by anyone only by his mother, its very hard for him or a constant stuggle to even get a quick hug from him. To get love or affection from my cousin is always a challenge to achieve. A person with autsim may often miss the signals we give each other when we want to catch a persons attention. They may not realize someone is trying to talk to them or get their attention, young teens or children usually sound like young professors and very formal. In most cases they repeat phrases or words they hear which is known as echolalia. Many kids with Autism do not like the feeling or sense of touch by others like usual children do. Its a constant practice for a child with this disorder to be able to give a sense of touch towards someone, usually only do with their mothers. An organization called Autism Speaks mission is to improve the lives of all those who have this