Huck Finn Annotations Essay

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
By Mark Twain
Chapter 1:
-This book is written in a first person point of view
-Huck is known from Tom's story, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
-Huck and Tom found 6000 dollars, which is a lot of money in this era
-Miss Watson is very nice to have taken Huck in
-There is a lot of racism in the book because of the time period it takes place in
-It seems like Tom Sawyer is Huck's role model

Chapter 2:
-Takes place in a time of slavery
-Jim keeps the same five cents on a string around his neck as the five cents Tom left for the candles
-Tom shows that he is the leader type when he forms the club
-All the kids say the oath is beautiful, even though it talks about murder
-The club turns out to be
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Is this because he has tricked a lot of people in the past?

Chapter 12:
-The woman's information ended up being very helpful
-All of Huck and Jim's actions show how careful they as being as to not get caught
-Ironic: Pap talks about good deeds, while he's a violent drunk
-Setting: They passed St. Louis on the fifth night
-St. Louis was very different from Huck's hometown in that there were so many more people living in St. Louis
-When Huck wanted to explore the wreck, Jim refused at first, but when Huck spoke about how much the items on the boat could be worth, he said okay
-Both Jim and Huck use Tom as a role model and an example throughout the book
-It was very unlikely that they were to find people on the ship already, but they did
-Jack Packard does not want to kill the man, he just wants to teach him a lesson, but the other man wants to kill him
-Ironic: A murderer is talking about good morals
-The men on the boat are robbers and murderers