Essay On Genetically Modified Food

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It seems that in today’s day and age people are still afraid of change and positive change at that. I have heard both side of the debate over genetically modified food and I think it’s a smart leap forward. We have the power to reduce the hunting, and decrease of cretin species. People good have good food to them quick and for cheap yet people still fight this new way.

I’ve read an article talking about aqua bounty a company that has created a genetically modified salmon. They approached the F.D.A to have the fish hit the markets in 1993, the F.D.A did not even listen till 1996 when they granted a public comment period which has lasted 17 years. Over this period 30,000 people and scientists put in their peace about the benefits and the concerns about this new product.

The salmon has to bits of dna that have been switched so that the fish grows in one and a half years rather than three which the normal fish does. If the fish hits the market it will be the first animal to be genetically modified and approved for humans to eat.

People seem to be afraid not of the fish but what it might lead to. That somehow the genetic modification will not stop here. I think it should not this could lead to a major advance to the medical field. If you could regrow limbs heal cancer aids/hiv and other harmful things you would not? If approved then this lets more animals be genetically modified to help the population of the wild animals. The new food would be healthy cheap and easy to