Huckelberrr Finn Essay

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Throughout our lives we will undergo change, whether this change is in age, personality or in the world around us. Without change everything would stay the same. For one to say people “can not change,” they clearly have yet to experience the theory of reinvention. Throughout peoples lives they will experience and event or multiple events that will cause a change in character and how they live their lives. Change is evident in the world in order to move forward. One does not stay the same throughout their lives, they age despite whether or not their personality changes. Were you the same person you were six months ago? In the novel Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, we see how events will change the way young Huckleberry will think and act. At the beginning of the novel he seems carefree and happy just like any other twelve year old boy. Huck is living under the care of the widow Douglass and Miss Watson who are civilized people but let Huck mostly have his own ideas and ways of life. Living with Miss Watson and the Widow Douglass really hadn’t changed Huck. We see a change in Huck start to appear after he runs away from Pa. Huck’s Father comes back and claims custody of him which isn’t a good thing. Living with his father is too much for Huck so he runs away. Jim, Miss Watson’s slave run away in fear of being sold and finds Huck. Jim and Huck run away together only to encounter some interesting people. Two character Jim and Huck meet play a major impact on the change in Huck. The king and the duke are probably two of the most awful and dumb people Huck and maybe Jim have ever met. Their schemes are as horrible as their personalities. He feels sorry for all the people that fall for their schemes and know what they are doing is wrong. While being with them Huck is forced to do as they say so they will give him Jim back. Eventually him and Jim are able to get away from them but Huck leaves this experienced changed. By the end of the novel Huck meets up with Tom Sawyer again and is forced to make important decisions that include lying, and saving Jim and Tom’s lives. He is forced to grow up. Huck has made a complete character change by the end of the novel. He is no longer the carefree country boy he was at the beginning. Huck may not have aged but his character has certainly changed, he became mature. He makes the right choice to help his friend Jim who has been there for him from the beginning even though Jim is a runaway slave. When Huck feels bad about lying it shows he has a conscience. It’s true sometimes people don’t change their personalities, but they do age which is change. Don’t believe someone can not change because they can. We don’t chose what happens to us and what experiences may or may no effect our lives. Within a year a person could completely change everything because of things that may have forced them to want or involuntarily change. We all change and its something we cant control and not always a good thing but it makes the world go round.
One may not undergo any emotional change but aging is change also. A person could go through their entire lives with the same personality and the only change they undergo is aging. We see this sort of situation in Forest Gump. Forest ages but his personality really doesn’t change. His IQ wasn’t very high and he doesn’t have a large grasp on the world around him. Everything is so simple and innocent and it’s this way for most of his life. Forest ages but his personality doesn’t change.
We see how Forest doesn’t change from a child from a teenager. When he was a kid walking with his friend Jenny some mean boys chase after him. His friend yells, “run forest run,” and he runs and