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Charlotte Jones
18 November 2013
Setting Journal #6: Aunt Sally’s House
Theme: Lonesomeness can drive people to believe the most blatant of lies and willingly accept an story told to them
A Physical Description: “When I got there it was all still and Sunday-like, and hot and sunshiny; the hands was gone to the fields; and there was them kind of faint dronings of bugs and flies in the air that makes it seem so lonesome and like everybody’s dead and gone; and if a breeze fans along and quivers the leaves it makes you feel mournful, because you feel like it’s spirits whispering- spirits that’s been dead ever so many years” (Twain 218). When Huck comes across the Phelp’s farm he gets the immediate sense of death and loneliness. Twain keeps bringing death into his description of the farm and does this because he know how death brings loneliness to a person and knows that the way a person lives can alter their surroundings. We know from the beginning of this description that the people living in this home are sad and venerable. When Huck says that all the hands are in the field and that it brings on such lonesome humming of insects, it means that besides the hired help, there is no one to make noise on the farm of to fill the home with joy and happy sounds.
An Event: “Everybody made a rush for the front door, because, of course, a stranger don’t come around every year, and so he lays over the yaller-fever, for interest, when he does come. Tom was over the stile and starting for the house; the wagon was spinning up the road for the village, and we was all bunched in the front door” (Twain 227). When the real Tom Sawyer shows up to Aunt Sally’s house, he also pretends to be someone he’s not. The members of the house are so anxious and excited about a new visitor they do not question his origins or his background. They could have been inviting a real criminal into their home and