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Michael Ramirez-Callaway golf - graduated 2009 in accounting was involved with accounting and finance clubs- accouting frat, took intern with fib, personal taxes, public accounting and financial planning,took full time position with price water house copers, now audit for calloway golf. corporate audit provides independent insurance, work with management team to identify different cycles within the company and making sure they work effectively. THis helps management to see where they can improve. important to build networking and communication skills by joining student organization striking up conversations with professors. the intangibles set you apart from everyone else. the benefit of the accounting degree is you can be competitive with almost any finance job, vs having a finance degree your not as competitive for accounting job

alysia parkinson 2nd lady- In the end of her sophomore year, she knew she was goin home to arizona, she applied to some summer programs and realized she needed a better resume before applying. She went to career services and they beefed up her resume. She had an interview with grand thorton footsteps, during the interview, he asked to hear about her most memorable moment of college. They went on to talk about lots of personal things including people they mutually knew. She left and later got a call inventing her to a summer weekend program. sHe ended up being the receptionist there. They told here to go out and send resumes to other business but she ended up deciding on throton. she was offered a full time job starting october after graduation. she now has one year of audit experience after only being graduated one year. advice- choose a firm or company based on your needs and comorts, workings like being in a team or frat or sorority you need to get along with everyone.

cj stos- grad in 2000, worked right after school with cb richard ellis selling and leasing industrial business product, toward the end of his time there went to use to get his masters. after teamed up with a usd alum and formed sr commercial. now at 14 employees with clients such as wells fargo and other banks. suggestions- networkings huge- he didn't know he wanted to be in real estate at first but sat in dr revetti's class and would even go to his class twice cause he was so interested in it. Join as many groups as you can such as business frats and real estate groups. Try to get many internships, its great to have lots of internships but make sure they're long term not just lot so f short ones. don't expect to to make lots of money right out of college but expect to work extremely hard. take risks but not until you've put in your time. encourages us to use career services.

Lane Hartshorn- active network- what not to do- was top three in her class- initially went to account society meetings just for food, decided at the end of her senior year she realized she should try to get a job, she