Huckleberry Finn Passage Analysis

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“Two or three days and nights went by...they swum by,they slid along so quiet and smooth and lovely.Here is the way we put in the time.It was a monstrous big river” (108).The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Twain symbolises the Mississippi river as a pathway to rebirth.Huck’s trek on the Mississippi river leads him to maturity and self knowledge.He progressively changes over time while sailing down the river during each new adventure and encounters. Throughout the book,Huck faces many obstacles and lessons. The Mississippi river guides and brings Huck and Jim to these situations that lead to lessons and self reflection. While Huck escaped from his abusive,drunk father and the widow who wished to “sivilize” him, he lands on …show more content…
I didn't go him no more mean tricks, and I would not do that one if I had known it would make him feel that way” this shows how he matured to the point of seeing Jim as a person instead of a slave (81). This shows a prime example to Huck’s rebirth on the river,he develops a morality and compassion for others instead of himself. Huck shows his mortality developing when he confesses to Mary Jane about how he and the kings and duke have swindled her.Though he has lied many a times,he felt guilty and uneasy to leave her to be swindled by the king and the duke.When falling into the midst of an ongoing war between the Shepherdsons and Grangerfords,Huck feels compassion and remorse when seeing his friend,Buck dead. In the beginning of the book, Huck says,” I don’t take no stock in dead people”,but when Buck dies Huck feels incredible remorse and sorrow for his fallen friend (6). In reflection to How To Read Literature Like A Professor by Thomas C. Foster, Foster emphasizes that water does not just represent water,water means something. Throughout chapter 18, Foster addresses examples of where water went into play of the rebirth of the character and how the water has changed them or affected them. The water in Huckleberry Finn personified because of how it physically pushes him to his path to rebirth and creates obstacles for him in order to have to settle down somewhere that will lead him to a new adventure.him