HUDV 107 Career Presentation Essay

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Christel Torres
Prof. Nancy O’Shea
Career Presentation Paper

Early Childhood Education The Career test information result that I had in Myers-Briggs test were Introversion, sensing, feeling, and perceiving. The results that I had when I took the Strongest Interest Inventory test were Social, Artistic, and Conventional. These results on my Strongest Interest Inventory test relates to my career choice Early childhood Education since I’m social with other people, artistic when I express my feelings towards other people, and conventional when I’m well organize with my work. The results from the Myers-Briggs test relates to my career choice when I focus ideas on the inner world, sense information the way I take in information, understanding what I feel about making decisions, and dealing with the outer world by keeping their lives open.

My job for Early Childhood Education would be an Elementary school Teacher. Their tasks are instructing students individual, teach students as a group, prepare materials/classrooms for class activities, prepare the students grades on worksheets/tests, and observe the students behavior and physical health. Tools and Technology that the elementary school teachers should have are board games, building blocks, and computers. The knowledge that elementary school teachers need are education/training, English language, psychology, sociology, and administration/management. Before becoming an elementary school teacher, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. Their medium wages are $53,590 annual.

My learning styles are tactile learner and hands on learner. As a tactile learner, it relates to my career because taking notes and keeping them are important for my career. As I teacher I should learn to take notes how students are doing in class. As hands on learner, it relates to my career as well when I volunteered in preschool and I had experience dealing with students and helping them there.

My values are teamwork, respect and responsible. My values relate to my chosen career/major because as teacher I have to follow my values. Teamwork is important because for a teacher’s job I have to work with kids and help them from the best of my abilities. Being respectful is important because a teacher respects other people and students who have problems. Being responsible are definitely the most important for a teacher since part of their job is to be responsible for students behaviors, students health, classroom materials, and grading papers.

At the career services presentation during class, the lady who works at the career services came to my classroom and showed my classmates and me how to search for a job relating to our career choice. Also she talked about being social around other people no matter where your jobs are going to be held at. She told us to be partners with other classmates and show them what I’m successful at which is part of learning how to socialize with other people. Then my partner and I talked in front of the class about our career choice and what I’m successful at.

To create my college boot camp, I’m making my academic plan leading to my career. By doing that, I should study hard to be successful, make an agenda on what’s important, and removing all the distractions. When retaking my reading accuplacer test on the first week of December, I should review my reading by practicing reading comprehension online and read more so I could pass the test. Other things for creating my college boot camp are making an appointment with a tutor if I need help, follow my goals, and not get distracted with cellphones or social network.

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