Huella Airlines Essay

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Huella Hong Kong Online travel is a Malaysian-based travel portal that targets customers in Asia and Asia Pacific. Huella Hong Kong’s revenue growth is decreasing and their market share is declining. Huella Hong Kong has a state-of-the-art technology and business model. The people at Huella need to know what else they need to have or do in order to get out of this downward spiral.
This case analysis will cover the problems Huella Hong Kong is facing, the different stakeholders and their effect on the problem, the alternatives solution, and the recommended solution.
The key players: * Huella Hong Kong: the online booking company. Regardless of their state-of-the-art technology and their creative business models, their revenue growth
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They will also have to hire experts in the traditional booking business to train the employees. Further, they will have to rent office space.
The recommended solution:
I believe that the best solution for Huella Hong Kong is to launch its own marketing campaign. This will help them get their image out to the people and in the same time avoid the drawbacks of the other alternatives. They will not have to develop relationships with any other players in the market. So they will be completely dependent. They will not have to pay for other companies or offer extra services as they would have done had they partnered with the traditional travel agencies in the market. Huella Hong Kong will also be known as an independent entity. People will recognize it for being what it is not for being a partner of another big company in the industry.
Huella also will avoid incurring the extra costs of establishing the temporary physical locations, hiring the employees, hiring the experts to train them…etc. they will also avoid the trouble of creating the new business models that will support the traditional booking method.
The marketing campaign will implemented as follows: 1. Market research should be conducted. The sole purpose of this research is to know more about the target customers of the Huella Hong Kong. It should focus on the