Salvation By Langston Hughes

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Spiritual Lens In Hughes’ essay “Salvation,” he forces the reader to explore the spiritual cognitive lens of his aunt compared to his on the subject of salvation. The subject of spiritual salvation varies from different cultures and ages. Hughes gives his readers the sense that they should examine the different spiritual encounters people can have solely based on the person’s age. Hughes compares his aunt’s spiritual encounter at a church service to that of his own at the same service as a young teenager. Hughes sets the scene at the beginning of “Salvation” as seen through his eyes as a young African American male attending a Baptist revival service with his aunt. The young man is not experiencing the service the way his aunt is hoping he will. During revival service young Hughes holds a very literally meaning to his aunt’s description of what happens when Jesus comes into your life. Through his spiritual lens, Hughes was expecting a visible and tangible experience with Jesus, “I sat there calmly, waiting for Jesus to come to me” (Hughes). Whereas his aunt, an adult, knew the experience was not tangible. The difference in their spiritual lens remained constant throughout the essay. Hughes ends the essay describing the huge differences in his aunt’s and his spiritual cognitive lens with the conclusion of the revival evening. Hughes lying in his bed at his aunt’s home crying, was thought of by his aunt was due to a result of a spiritual encounter with the Holy Ghost. In