Essay on Hui Li and Ying Wang

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Nowadays, the teachers play more and more important roles in our life because more and more people pay attention to the education. I have had a significant number of teachers from the kindergarten to the university, and the two Chinese female teachers, Hui Li and Ying Wang, had made an indelible impression on me. They are my junior high school teachers who taught Politics. In the second semester of grade eight, Ying Wang started teaching me. They both corrected the homework on time, and answered students’ questions patiently. However, Hui Li and Ying Wang are quite different in term of teaching styles, backgrounds, and impacts on students. First, Hui Li differs from Ying Wang in that they taught their students in different ways./ Hui Li’s teaching style differs from Ying Wang’s teaching style in that they gave different amount of homework,…Hui Li always gave us an enormous amount of homework, and she didn’t care about whether they were useful or not. Sometimes, she just downloaded some exercises from the internet casually, and there were many mistakes. Besides, her classes are dull. In most cases, Hui Li sat at the table, reading textbooks, or handouts in a low voice. There was little communication between her and us/her students. Like the exercises she gave us, some of her handouts were from the internet. (In addition, Hui Li prefers to blame, or even punish her students for any mistakes rather than encourage us to avoid making mistakes.) On the other hand, Ying Wang didn’t give us too much homework. She focused on the quality of the exercises she gave us, and tried to make them helpful. She read some books, or searched some materials on the internet for reference only, and then she would combine them with her own ideas to make the exercises, or her handouts. Also, her classes are very attractive. She always joked with us, combined the boring cases or definitions with many interesting stories, and created different ways to get students’ attention. Moreover, (Ying Wang liked to encourage her students in order to help us be more confident instead of blaming, or punishing us even though we made mistakes.) Second, Hui Li and Ying Wang are different in that they have different backgrounds./ ... Hui Li graduated from Hebei Normal University, which is one of the most famous universities in China. She told us she got a very high score on the college entrance examination, and she was so proud that she always got A on the tests when she was a university student because most of her teachers gave her so much/lots of homework.{???which made her decide to give her students as much homework as she can} Moreover, Hui Li’s parents are successful in their career. Her father is a government official, and her mother is a lawyer. They both are very strict, and always controlled Hui Li to do what they wanted. Once she made mistakes, they would blame her severely.{?} Besides, Hui Li’s husband is also a government official. He doesn’t like her very much, and he usually goes home at midnight. Therefore, she has to take care of her two children who both were about ten years old when I was at the seventh grade. In most cases, she was gloomy, and she didn’t have enough time to prepare for her classes. However, Ying Wang went to an ordinary college after she failed the college entrance examination. At college, she participated in lots of competitions and social activities in her spare time instead of sitting in the classroom to do homework. She said because of those competitions and activities, her creativity improved. Furthermore, both of her parents are workers. Her family lived humbly when she was young, but her parents were very open-minded. They respected and encouraged Ying Wang to do everything she wanted, and gave her chance to get knowledge. They would like to talk to her when she made mistakes. Also, Ying Wang has a very responsible and humorous husband who is a businessman. They love each other, and