Hum/1111 Short Story

Words: 933
Pages: 4

Nelly walked in a mansion and the door locked by itself he was trapped in a room by himself he looked in a cabinet under the T.V. and he found a bag of money but the bag was small. Then he found a note on the bag and it said “Find 20 bags of money before you leave.” Nelly looked confused he walked around in the room for a little bit and went out the door and went in other rooms and found in the first room he found 2 bags of money and in the second room he found 3 bags of money and the third room he found 2 bags of money and a bloody eye on the wall. So then he had eight bags of money. So then, Nelly had to go up stairs or down in the basement. Nelly heard something say
“Where are you I will find you and I will kill you.”
Nelly heard it from down stairs and he ran up stairs and ran to the nearest room. Nelly hid in a corner then it stopped. he saw a printer and pressed a button to see if it worked, it printed another bloody eye. Then Nelly saw a safe combination and the code was 1111. Then he went to the door on the left and saw a chest and he opened it and it had 3 bags of money and searched for more. Then at the corner of his eye he saw a door and he opened it and it had 2 bags of money. Then he had 13 bags of money and he had 7 more to go and then he could leave. Then Nelly went
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So he hid in the closest room to the stairs. He cracked the door and saw the monster go by and once Nelly couldn’t see the monster anymore he ran all the way to the basement as fast as he could. So Nelly looked for 3 more money bags and that was it then he could escape and complete the challenge the note said. It was dark down there then he saw a double door and he walked through it and saw 1 money bag. Then he searched and saw a cell with a hanging rope in it along with 4 money bags in it. He couldn’t open it because he didn’t have the basement key but if he did he could escape. but then he heard it