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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

Write brief 250-to 300-word answers to each of the following:

|Questions |Answers |
|What were the major developments in the |The major developments in the evolution of mass media during the 20th century are radio, |
|evolution of mass media during the 20th |cinema, television, Internet, books, newspaper, computer, and telephone. The radio has |
|century? |evolved into a global phenomenon that introduced the world to vinyl record to the compact |
| |disc with a way to get the news in the early 1900s. Cinema has come a long way from the |
| |early 1900s being in black and white to color and being in 2-D and 3-D. Television has |
| |changed from being small and bulky using an antennae to being flat-screen with High |
| |Definition and 3-D. Newspapers were invented to spread the news of the world within a |
| |certain timeframe. Newspaper have evolved into a multi-million dollar business with the |
| |help of better printing resources and the demand in the early 20th century of needing to |
| |know the news. Books were a major development because people were allowed to use their |
| |imagination as well as to use for educational reasons. Televisions helped improve the way |
| |we view things, like the news and movies, which lead to the production and cable companies|
| |that has made an impact on the influence in American culture. Telephones have made one the|
| |biggest influence in the American culture due to the constant evolution of the telephone. |
| |Telephones went from being a household item to a mobile device that has the same |
| |components of a computer. Telephones have turned into smartphones theses day while the |
| |existence of seeing a pay phone are slim. Computer has made a heavy influence in the 20th |
| |century because it lead to the birth of the Internet. Both of these have allowed instant |
| |access to information from anywhere in the world. |
|How did each development influence |With the development of the radio, the radio influenced American culture by being able to |
|American culture? |get news reports and music as time went on by putting a signal throughout a specific area |
| |where newspapers may not been at. Books and newspapers influenced the American culture by |
| |having more things to read and write about. Books allowed stories to be told as well as |
| |the starting of the educational books to be disturbed throughout the world. Newspapers |
| |allowed people to get the news in a way that the world has