Hum/211 Fossil Fuels vs. Alternative Energ Essay example

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Instructor: Gwen Clifton by Joshua Foultz

Fossil Fuels vs. Alternative Energy

Fossil fuels such as oil and coal have been providing our country for generations. Roughly 85% of our domestic energy is provided by fossil fuels and 96% used in transportation with 67% of it being in electricity( Inventor's Business Daily, 2012). The big issue concerning fossil fuel is the environment. BP has had multiple oil spills in decade and the burning of this fossil fuels have depleted our ozone. America is providing more oil today than in the last eight years(Investor's Business Daily, 2012). So the big question is “what is America doing to help the environment?”. For the time being we are relying on fossil fuels, but are looking in to different ways to go greener. Some of these ways are solar power, wind power, other natural gas. We are also looking into nuclear power options, but must of it relies on coal. I feel the best solution for our environment is going greener, but it comes with more money being put into this option. With the recent recession in America, this seems to be more on the back burner, but the state of the environment is getting worse day-by-day with the burning of this fossil fuels. Not only are animals suffering with the different oil spills, our ozone has suffered significantly over the last decade. I may think going greener is the best way to go, but if we have the resources to us at the time, we need to use them. We can not just stop using these…