Human and Candles Essay

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The society of this world is concerned on three things. Wealth, success and breathing. When you ask people what they enjoy doing, one out of five people would not say it’s their job. Whatever their job may be most people do what they do to make the money they must have to live and be successful in these Troubled times. If offered people would take a job that they loved and enjoy doing on the spot. People just want to be happy as well as successful , Not saying that people are not happy with their careers but most are not satisfied with the way there life’s have ended up. If given the option most would change the direction on their career or the whole career in general. Now given yourself the chance would you. If I was given the option I would go in the direction that my heart takes me when thinking about what I want to be for the bulk of my adult life, and that is making specialty candles for people as well as couples, because it is seldom , a good business and as well as creative. Some may think that the idea of producing candles for a lifetime career is not the smartest idea but then tell me what is the correct motive. People have their own opinions and that’s perfectly fine. Making candles composes peace within one’s self and lets the creator express themselves with art unlike other careers. Being at peace with oneself most productive way to assure lifelong happiness. With a career of producing specialty candles you will find that one is always joyful, productive and imaginative.
In making unique candles can produce one to be seldom, joyful and center one self’s as a human being. The main point of life some will say is to be happy with who you have become. When you believe and are honest to yourself, happiness finds you. Making suburb specialty candles is a good business to begin if you are passionate and creative about it. Producing candles does indeed take an acceptable amount of money to keep a business such as this running. Thus if you care about the product and your customers equally you will be an astonishing business. I am drawn to this type of work because I would love to run a business that made people as well as me cheerful and happy as a result, Producing candles is relaxing and makes peace within yourself as well as others because it is a calm hobby and is enjoyable. There are plenty of business’s and careers in producing candles ; From events to use at home candles people share the vision of a job that makes them happy inside and out. I would love to run a business that is enjoyable and fun and keeps me content in life.
To make specialty candles for the rest of my life would be a huge investment and an extraordinary business to run. I would own a business and be independent, knowing that the economy will be bumpy for a while, therefore; I would have to create very majestic candles that people couldn’t refuse. There being the beautiful candles are what would bring the money in to keep the business running smooth. Producing a materialistic object such as candles is tough but if satisfactory is created then there shall be no worries; some people make think that making candles is not an acceptable career and should not be framed as one. I believe that is not honest. Looking back into history, the earliest known candles were made from whale fat by the Chinese, during the Qin Dynasty 221–206 BC. Since then candles have always had a use in the world’s society either for lighting, moods, or scenting the air. I know the world has updated since then but, candles will always have good need. To run your own business would also benefit to your well-being for instance, of the flexibility that comes with it, choosing who you work with, and being able to follow your passion. You would be and feel free of most