Human and Deforestation Essay

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July 13, 2015

Kimberley Mauro
1488 Penn. St.
Somewhereville, PA 99665

Dear Ms. Mauro:
I, today, would like to inform you about deforestation and how we can reduce it. Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses such as agriculture, mining, construction, etc.

What are the primary causes of deforestation?
There are many causes of deforestation. However, there is only one parent cause for the many causes. That parent cause is humans. Humans of the world just desire more and more and stop at nothing until their desires are have been fully sated just to start up a new, bigger desires.

What are the impacts of deforestation?
It’s quite self-explanatory. Damage to the land quality, pollution, reduction in natural CO2 absorbers, endangering species, ruining the ecosystem, the list goes on. All of these mentioned above are easily comprehended by the average human being as negative to us, the environment and the home we call “Earth”.

Who benefits from deforestation; who loses?
There are many people, organizations, companies, etc. who benefit and lose from deforestation. For example, a farmer along with his colleagues and buyers of product, tremendously benefit from deforestation. The average human is oblivious to the impacts of deforestation and therefore, do not benefit from or lose from. However, once the average human is informed on the impacts of deforestation, they will the either be on the neutral side or the side that loses from deforestation.

Are there any alternatives to current practices?