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It is known what the true meaning of ideology is: the set of ideas and beliefs of a group which coincides of integrated assertions. theories. and aims. that constitute as sociopolitical program. These perceptions are closed with no open end for discussion. it’s a closed system not open for scrutiny. For it is ridiculous. but completely normal. to have your own set-in-stone thought of life’s meaning. However. our society perceives this “idea” in such a matter that it affects everyone’s thought process and lives.
The human race does not know the true meaning of life. yet we judge one another on the basis of what is thought to be proper. We strive on multiple attempts to explain reality. Ideologies tend to be developed because reality is too complex to understand. The ideology of our species has different variables and almost always reflect a bias and serve the interests of a particular group. Some ideologies are even well grounded in what is thought to be our reality. while others are completely divorced from reality. Only to be explained in terms of each individual’s emotional and psychological motivations. These “ideologies” tend to either over-simplify reality or completely distort it. Nevertheless. it seems to be somewhat useful to speak generally in ideological terms to make a point. On the contrary. it seems to be true that the use of ideology has created more difficulties than it has solved.
A concept of society’s thought of itself is metaphors seem to act as a natural form of communication. Concepts of life seem to be guided by metaphorical aspects. Even though we are one person we have multiple personalities. No decision seems to be made on our own. “Try to imagine a culture where arguments are not viewed in terms of war. where no one wins or loses. where there is no sense of attacking or defending. gaining or losing ground” (Lakoff and Johnson p.63). The human race does not understand our own species well enough. The knowledge that is thought to be useful is leading to our own destruction. It is impossible for this society to agree on one thing. That is just what we are: a confused species. It is unknown what we truly want. what our meaning is. how we need to achieve what is unknown!
Brought up by (Clark p.66) our nature wants to explore further than the realm of possibility. Our “issue” of being human creates our boundaries. The human thoughts are vast. however we want more but cannot even surpass our imaginations to begin with. We have limits. and that is why ideology is human’s resort to deal with/explain our limitations and give us a mean of not proceeding further in exploring true imagination! The limits and values of our society should be explored and broadened out but. our species is unsure if we want to.
Explained and brought up by (Grudin p.41-45) the multiple questions that a person is “subjected” to a type (classification) by something as simple like their means of travel. Many factors consist however. such as: are surroundings enjoyed. do we wish to save or destroy it. is our time important. how about risks. even one’s wealth determines a thought of any given individual. Which seems to be very important in society: our thought of one another. Our race is too focused on others perceptions. what is our values? Why can we not