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By | Marika Munroe
Date | February 12, 2013 After watching the video clips from the movie Passchendaele I felt a mixture of emotions; disturbed, proud, and frightened to name a few. Some of the scenes were so brutal. It disgusts me that the human race has reached lows such as those displayed in the movie. We’ve literally been killing and fighting against our own specie for decades. However, watching my fellow Canadians remain loyal allies to Britain by participating in the war, and ultimately being the leading factor behind their victory, did conjure up feelings of pride. Billions of men sacrificed their lives willingly, all for Canada. Unfortunately the sight of war is still a reality in 2013. While watching the battle at Passchendaele I’m frightened to think that stuff like this is still happening in the world. It may not be the same countries at war, it may not be arm combat such as in World War 1 but it still exists with such brutality.

Why do we war? We war because we, as human beings, are passionate people. We choose to believe in stuff and set guidelines for what is right and what is wrong, and then we spend the rest of our lives supporting those beliefs and following those morals. But groups of people have different out looks on life and factors such as religion, race, and greed come into play. Coming to a consensus is not always easy, and that is why we fight. We fight to protect what is rightfully ours, settle disputes, and gain power. Violence is just a…