Human and New Life Style Essay

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Kym Mrs.cook 10/21/13

The Night Essay

I wonder how it feels to have your identity taking away from you. How would it feel to be branded ? How would it feel mentally to know that you were no longer a human being with a name? Just absolutely nothing , nameless , just a body that had no purpose whats so ever in life anymore. Eli Wiesel knows exactly how this feels. Abducting people from their homes. People , human-beings were getting taking out of their own homes as if they did something completely cruel to the world . Only they did nothing but live normal lives like humans are suppose to do. Large men in uniforms armed with guns came into the village and told these Jews that had every right to live there , to just get out . Nobody new where god was as this point. They didn’t know if they were going to a better place or a worse place. When being taking out your home knowing your not guilty for a crime, you wanna do something about it. Stand up and be brave . Only there’s one problem with that , who would to big and bold enough to talk to a man with a gun?

The new life style. When being thrown out they were told to pack a light suit case. Which was very ironic because , when they arrived to the concentration camps they had to give up all there belongings and only could wear one outfit. Also there was no more family and happiness . The women and children were separated from the men. These women and children had no Idea that were never going to see there fathers and husbands ever again. Neither did they have any idea it was their last days on earth. They were convinced that were going to take showers. When arriving in this “shower” they soon discovered that they weren’t