Essay on Human and Phosphorus Cycle

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Nitrogen, Carbon, and Phosphrous Ecosystem Cycles

Environmental Science-26
April 23rd, 2013

There is no denying that humans have an impact on the various cycles. However some of those impacts can be good, and unfortunately some of those impacts can severly hurt the way the cylcles in the ecosystem functions. The effects can be a result of the activity that humans elect to engage in, and some of those activities unfortunately impact the cycles of the ecosystem negatively. This is why it is important for humans to be knowledgable of the ecosystem and the various cycles that the ecosystem experiences, therefore we would be more helpful to the ecosystem than harmful. The cycles that are included in the ecosystem are as follows: Nitrogen, Carbon, Phosphorus. Each one of these cycles are important to not only plant and animal life, but viatal in the survival in human beings as well. Each of these cycles unfortunately have been dealt a negative impact, and for the most part, humans are mostly responsible.
The carbon cycle is extremely important to not only animals and plant life, but to humans as well. The processes that are involved in the carbon cycle can be found from the oceans that are on our planet, to the forests on our planet as well. However, as humans have done less recycling, and more utilizing of paper products, the forestry is in danger, due to the massive cutting down of trees that make up our forest. The cutting down of tress in turn creates a void, and pretty soon the forest is depleted because of the high demand. Conversly, even though carbon can be found in large amounts throughout the earthly atmosphere, it is important to note that the same carbon that is essential to human life, can in some way have a impact on the growth of vegetation.
The Phosphorus cycle is essentially the cycle where important biological nutrients are created, and disbursed. Some of those biological nutrients originated in what humans know as rocks, and soil. Moreover, the same phosphorus biological nutrients can be found in potassium, calcium, and iron as well. The phosphorus cycle is essentially the cycle to which environmental scientists would focus most of