Human and Valid People Essay

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Professor Thaxton
English 1101
15 February, 2013


This movie presents us with a new method in which society strives for perfection and it uses genetic engineering to try make perfect human being. In this society there are valid people who are genetically flawless and who are treated like Gods in this society. Then, there is the invalid citizens who have flaws in their genetic code and are considered lower class citizens. Then, genetic discrimination is widespread, and affects the relationships between the valid/invalid citizens to the point that there really is no interaction between both classes. In a society of gattaca they try to produce perfection in human being, but that only creates a dem-igod kind of race. In society of Gattaca the valid people want the whole process of selecting a mate of the opposite sex, whom is found to possess desirable traits, for the purpose of producing not just strong and healthy children, but the best children possible. They want to produce genetic human beings that are perfect and have no flaws. Genetically enhanced beings are whats wanted in this world to make sure this superior race continues to control society. Life for unaltered invalid humans is poor, as they are regarded as useless, and are to take on the roles in society that are deemed unfit for the genetically enhanced. The typical naturally born human would be expected to take a low class job, and be unfit to enter a high institution such as Gattaca Corp., except for the occasional janitor. Since they didn't have the genetic enhancements, they are generally considered to be uneducated. They are expected to be the hard laborers, the criminals, and the lowlife. The use of genetic engineering will lead to genetic discrimination. The valid People…