Human and Water Essay

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1. The reason why water is a prized commodity is because there is very little of it. As the article stated, only 2.8% of the world’s water is fresh water. With this being said, there are many countries that are deprived to the availability of water resources. Today, thirty-one countries face water shortages and many of which are in Africa and the Middle East. By 2025, there is said to be another seventeen countries added to the list of water shortages. Water is a prized commodity because it is essential for a sustainable life. Without water the amount of blood in our body is reduced, which causes are heart to pump harder in order for oxygen-bearing cells to be delivered to our muscles. When you lack water you will begin to feel dehydrated, causing your body to feel exhausted and also dizzy. In the last stages of dehydration, you will enter a coma and then eventually die.

2. As I said and stated in the first question, water is essential for a sustainable life. You can live for a month without food, but only one week without water. Why is water so essential in our lives? The reason being is because we are mostly composed of water. Water rejuvenates/protects the brain and also keeps our body temperature neutral. It helps us clean toxins out of our bodies when we urinate and also through bowel movements. Water is the sole thing that helps us live our everyday lives. Without water we are nothing. That is why water is so essential to the human race.…