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Prepared blood smear slide (Human thin blood film Games stain), Microscope Procedure:
Find a section of blood cells using the 4X and the 10X lens.
Examine the blood smear slide under the highest magnification.
Note the diameter of the field of view with the 40X lens.
Locate an oval erythrocyte. Estimate the diameter of the erythrocyte using the field of view at 40X objective.
Locate a leukocyte. Estimate the diameter of an average leukocyte. using the diameter of an erythrocyte.
Locate a blood platelet. Using the estimated size of an erythrocyte, estimate the size of the blood platelet.
Draw a proper biological diagram showing a representative area ( at least 50% of your field of view) of the blood smear at high power. Mare sure that the diagram shows the relative number of various bloods cell types.
Examine the leukocyte in the entire slide closely. try to identify each leukocyte using page 485 of your textbook. Determine the number of each type of leukocyte you can see. Sketch each type of leukocyte found on your slide.
1. The approximate diameter of the erythrocyte was found by dividing the field of view (in micrometers) with the total number of cells. Sample Calculation diameter of erythrocyte = field of view/ number of cells across field of view diameter of erythrocyte = 400 μm/67 cells diameter of erythrocyte = 5.97 ~ 6 μm.

2. The diameter of the leukocyte was found by multiplying the diameter of one erythrocyte (as calculated previously – 6 μm) by the number of cells that could fit within a sketch of the leukocyte. Sample Calculation diameter of leukocyte = (diameter of erythrocyte)(number of cells that fit in the sketch) diameter of leukocyte = (6 μm)(3 cells) diameter of leukocyte = 18 μm
3. To find the diameter of the platelets, the resultant diameter of the erythrocyte was divided by the approximate number of thrombocytes that could fit in a sketch of a erythrocyte.
Sample Calculation diameter of platelet = diameter of erythrocyte / number of thrombocytes fit in sketch diameter of platelet = (6 μm)/(4 cells) diameter of platelet = 1.5 μm

1a) It was found that the number of erythrocytes was much greater than the number of leukocytes.

1b) In the human body, the cell concentration of erythrocytes is significantly more abundant than leukocytes. This is because there is an approximate range of 4 500 000 – 6 000 000 erythrocytes in the human body. Conversely, the number of leukocytes ranges from 2000 – 6000 in the blood. Due to the nature of erythrocytes outnumbering leukocytes, in any one sample collected, the field…