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Systems of the Human Body

There are many systems in the human body. These systems include the circulatory system, respiratory system, immune system, skeletal system, excretory system, urinary system, muscular system, endocrine system, digestive system, nervous system and the reproductive system. I will give the basics on each system.

The circulatory system includes the heart and blood vessels. It pumps blood to the body which sends oxygen to the cells and takes away waste. The respiratory system includes the nose, trachea and lungs and is needed to deliver oxygen to the blood and also to take away carbon dioxide from the body. Then, there is the Immune system which helps to keep the body stay well and free from diseases. In the immune system, are different kinds of cells, proteins, organs and tissue like our skin which is the very first line of defense for the immune system. The skeletal system includes the bones and helps us stay upright and able to move and protects the body’s organs along with the muscular system which is made up of the muscles. The excretory system includes the lungs, large intestine and kidneys. Its job is get rid of the waste that the body makes in the form of exhaling carbon dioxide from the lungs, feces from the large intestine and urine from the kidneys. . The urinary system is made up of the bladder and kidneys and is actually part of the excretory system as it rids our bodies of waste in the form of urine. The digestive system includes the…