Human Body and Hair Essay

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Naturally Curly
Textured hair has special care and styling needs based on its unique curl pattern. Wavy, Curly, Coily/Kinky is just a few types of hair patterns, but they all have different characters. Wavy has soft deep waves with little to no curl. The hair tends to be course, stays close to the scalp in a long “S”-shaped curl and doesn’t usually have a lot of body. This type is very easy to handle, pliantly blowing out into a straighter style or taking on curlier looks with relative ease. The next hair type is curly. It is unique, fine and soft with a “Q”-shaped pattern. This hair doesn’t tend to have a lot of sheen, but has tons of body. It also tends to look straight when wet, but has curls as it dries. I know lots of people with this type, but there is one more type that has a very unique texture. It’s not unusual to find both subtypes coexisting on the same head. In fact, curly hair usually consists of a combination of textures, with the crown being the curliest part. Coily/Kinky is the most highly textured of all the hair types. It’s very curled and tends to be wooly. Some coily textured hair has a looser coil with spiral shaped stands, while others have a tighter kink with a zigzag- letter “Z” formation. The curl pattern makes this the driest and most fragile of all the hair types. This hair type needs extra moisture and tender-loving care because it can be fragile. Let the hair air dry and do not use a brush or comb. To…