Human Brain and Smartphone Essay

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Angelica Torres
Brian Kirby, Professor
September 26, 2013
ENGL 0310

“Smartphone” Smartphones, does it make the kids less smart? A smartphone is a very advanced technology that is own by mostly country. It is also used every single day in our lives. They help and give us the information that we need such as any business-related matters, a ‘toy’ for a kid or a device that will give us entertainment. This may sound that it is a very good thing, but it is unfortunately not. Therefore in this essay I will argue that a 10-years-old shouldn’t have her or his very own smartphone. Firstly, smartphone are great when using for communication purposes but it is making the kids lees smart as most of the people use it more often we are supposed to. Kids have become less socially interactive due to their dependence and obsession in smartphones. For instance, there are people or kids that would constantly check their smartphone while walking or doing other activities such as hanging out with friends. This shows that people are not aware of their surroundings as they are always busy doing something on their smartphone. This leads to lack of social interaction and may cause the person or kid to not get used to talking to other people in person. Secondly, having smartphone is a problem itself as it is a device that can do what the brain does. It would have been better if it was built into something that the brain cannot do. It does not help kids use their muscles and brains in order to remember simple and important information and events that we need and are happening in their lives. For example, during school can’t concentrate in the class because they used their smartphone. Lastly, there is a huge impact to children when they use