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Show the big picture to employees!

In my last job working for a Fortune 500 software solutions company, we used to work for our clients to provide technology solutions to solve their business problems. We had a group of developers who work on a piece of the problem for example writing a sequence of code or building a software application as per client request. They had a very clear understanding of the solution and the technology part of the problem but none of them knew how their code fitted with the other pieces of the puzzle nor did they know the business value/significance of their solution. This sometimes resulted in the developers having low levels of morale as the software developers did not think their job was important. They lacked a sense of pride which I believe is a very important component of job satisfaction. The company was also missing out the opportunity for their employees to be creative and come up with innovative solutions if only they could see the big picture of the business. Here are some solutions that I propose. The employers can organise bi-monthly meetings bringing together all the developers working on different pieces of the same problem to share their view and exchange ideas. They could also have a forum for managers to share their functional and business knowledge of the Clients Company or industry with the software developers which would help understand the vision and business model of the client company. A