Human Cloning Essay

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Emily Lopez-Cruz
6 December 2012
Human Cloning: Doppelgänger
As clones enter the room through the double doors, they see rows of plastic blue chairs full of people with dark circles under their eyes. They are waiting to be summoned into another room where they will find an exam table, metal tools laid out in preparation of their arrival and a tall man wearing a white lab coat. The man is holding a clipboard with all of the information of the patients he is ready to examine. One by one, the clones go through the process of donating their parts to those they were cloned from. Each clone must be examined to monitor their health and development before they can proceed with the donation of organs or tissues. Would a life like this be suitable? Could the thought of having another duplicate of someone for the benefit of taking a cloned organ of theirs be so ethical? Although many question and statements arise from the term cloning the thought of it can be unappealing having them say “cloning should be banned” creating a clone will confused identity or emotional effect to the clone others claiming that cloning should be illegal, that its resourceful enough to help create a new life if a mother is unable to reproduce from buying a copy a someone of the same DNA and the clone’s organs as an emergency organ donor, to creating an army so family’s won’t lose sons and daughters because cloning can be a resourceful source of technology to advance society in this new technological world.

Cloning should be illegal because the fact that the egg cell is tampered with doesn’t help it case to be legalized; the process of cloning isn’t natural. The process of probing needles and planting into a surrogate mother is such a technical form of impregnating another but using the same DNA from who is taken from plus it won’t always work, it was experimented on a sheep. It took 277 tries before it was succeeded. Even though if cloning were to be legalized and every human being decides to clone themselves, the structure of family and who belongs to who will be broken everything will be chaos and if were to happen if the clones decide to reproduce and down the line they had to same DNA and would create a child with deformities or create a new illness. The research of cloning humans who want to be cloned will not benefit the medical field in saving more lives from the clones created from whom there DNA’s are matched with. Creating a clone will confuse identity or cause emotional effect to the clone or the one cloned, one can conclude that the affect it will have on the clone if the person who purchased to be cloned can take advantage of what they have purchased for example use them as a slave or as an organ donor for an emergency once the popularity of cloning begins then they would create a business once cloning will be accepted there will clinics around town that will clone someone for a low price in order to make a business happen. That’s the research that should be banned because no one knows what the future holds, also the risks of transplanting cloned organs to owner from who was cloned from will eventually cause greater risks to the clone and the owner. Clone army is so immoral and the expense and time to create such an army will be time consuming, in addition there is training and fatalities that will be accruing and facilities were they will be held, if cloning an army was such an easy thing to do, it would have been done a long time ago, but cloning research had just found certain way to clone. There are now machines were one can step into and next to them appears out of genetics a replica of themselves, there is more to it, reproductive cloning basically its where an egg is placed into another women body with different DNA of another to carry for nine months until delivery this is was creating any army of clones would be time consuming then the money that those women would be receiving from the government, a women army