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Research On
Human Computer Interaction

Under the Guidance of
C-EBM502 Research Methods 2015_01TERM
Stratford university

Group 2

1. Abstract
2. Introduction of HCI
3. Problem statement
4. Research questions
5. Purpose statement
6. Significance of study
7. Qualitative Method on HCI
8. HCI analysis methodology
9. Data analysis
10. Data Interpretation on Hci and their inputs and outputs
11. Observation
12. Reference
1. Abstract
Human-computer interaction (HCI) is the study of how people design, implement, and use interactive computer systems and how computers affect individuals, organizations, and society. This encompasses not only ease of use but also new interaction techniques for supporting user tasks, providing better access to information, and creating more powerful forms of communication. It involves input and output devices and the interaction techniques that use them; how information is presented and requested; how the computer’s actions are controlled and monitored; all forms of help, documentation, and training; the tools used to design, build, test, and evaluate user interfaces; and the processes that developers follow when creating Interfaces.

2. Introduction of human computer interaction
The most famous definition of “Human Computer Interaction” is Human-computer interaction is a discipline concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding them.” the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) program will play a leading role in the creation of tomorrow's exciting new user interface software and technology, by supporting the broad spectrum of fundamental research that will ultimately transform the human-computer interaction experience so the computer is no longer a distracting focus of attention but rather an invisible tool that empowers the individual user and facilitates natural and productive human-human collaboration.
It has three major propertise
1. Computer
2. Human
3. Interaction
1. Computer --A computer system comprises various elements, each of which affects the user of the system.
Input devices for interacting use, allowing text entry, drawing and selection from the screen like 3d interaction.
Output display devices for interactive use different types of screen mostly using form of bitmap display. Large displays are situated displays for shared and public use.
Short-term memory RAM and Long-term memory magnetic and optical disk
2. Human --Human are limited in their capacity to process information. This has important implications for design.Information is received and responses given via a number of input and output channels:
Visual channel.
Auditory channel
Haptic channel
Information is stored in memory:
Sensory memory
Short-term memory

3. Interaction--The communication between the user and the system. Their interaction framework has four parts are user,input,system.
HCI studies how people interact with computing technology and how a computer system is designed more easily, more practically, and more intuitively. These interactions specific emphasis on the “interaction at the interface” with the technology in a broader sense. Today, HCI has attracted considerable attention by researcher and “it is one of the most critical challenges facing computer science and engineering At the beginning there was a single user-computer interaction in the traditional HCI application other specialists show that the use of multi-user multi model interaction to the computer utilizing new hardware technologies.
3. Problem Statement
Most researchers in HCI take interest in developing new design methodologies, experiencing with new hardware devices, prototyping new software systems, and exploring new paradigms for interaction.
Nowadays in our daily lives, we can hear more and