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Which would you choose, a girl or a boy? Would you want your baby to have blue eyes or green? With today’s science and technology, we can genetically alter certain genes to customize them, or to eradicate a certain disease or disability. In theory we could create the perfect child. Isn’t is scary that sometime in the near future, we could perfect humanity’s, flaws and erase human error? Some people think so, for example in the United Kingdom, it’s illegal to alter a baby’s genes unless it’s for medical reasons. One of the biggest debates of the moment is should it be legalized to medically enhance humanity’s next of kin.

One way of thinking about it is, we are following the course of evolution. Just imagine, what would have happened if even after Christopher Columbus discovered that world was round the government made it illegal for people believe him. With all the new discoveries that scientists have recently made we can start saving the world. More and more children are being treated as fetus’s for diseases, which means less and less children/people suffering from fatal and troublesome defects and diseases. By ‘enhancing’ babies in new ways it might even be possible create a new type of human, with slightly different genes and characteristics than today’s people. In the next hundred years, it would be possible to create the perfect humans, a whole society of super humans, humans that are less violent, more intelligent, stronger, more attractive and kinder.

It’s natural to want to follow evolution, but what happens when the next “latest and greatest” is blown up on such a higher level than anything else? We were all created in a certain way for a certain reason, as humans we have a habit of thinking we are the smartest because in our world, we are. But what we don’t see a lot of the time, is the big picture. At the moment there are so many horribly, fatal diseases, what if when we try to…