The Influence Of Stereotypes In Media On Black Athletes

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The article Black athletes stereotyped negatively in media compared to white athletes is an informative article. This article based on a quantitative study completed by the University of Missouri- Columbia. The goal of the study was to determine if there was any racial difference in regards to the stereotyping the media portray on athletes. The study consisted of 155 articles on male athletes. Each article was categorized among one of seven themes; crime, domestic violence, training/hard work, moral success or failure, violating rules of the sports league, accomplishments, and personal lifestyle.The study showed while more articles were written about white athletes overall. Sixty-six percent of the articles written in a negative aspect, were towards black athletes. This study did not discuss any other ethnic group. I agreed with the writer of this article that the media plays a large role in how athletes are stereo typed not only by the rest of the media but also society. Being perception is ones reality, many people don't watch sports and of these people many of times all they see is what the media portrays of these men. The writer talks about how in order to get ridden of racism with in sports media the journalist need to be more culturally aware of their own demons related to racism. Frisby discusses how journalist own personal beliefs reflect in how they stores they cover highlight the athlete. I agree with this writer only to a particular extent in regards to it being in the journalist hands on how athletes are portrayed. I personally feel it is more up