Essay on Human Diveristy

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Human diversity is the human characteristics that effect our perceptions of others and ourselves. Besides age, ethnicity, race and gender; mental and physical ability also play an important role in medical dilemmas. Patients with special needs which can include those who do not speak English or speak very little English, the ones with hearing impairment, deafness, impaired vision, inability to speak, and those who have impaired mental function must be addresses and treated with respect and dignity. In these special circumstances communication is most effective when approached with an attitude of respect and consideration.

Patients have a legal right to understand health care communication, even if they do not speak English. The use of qualified interpreters is preferable to using a family translator to communicate with patients who do not speak English. When using an interpreter, look at the patient as if he or she could understand you. There are also telephone interpreters that are available when necessary. With today’s technology, there is an application on smartphones where it can help translate word or phrases. The use of a small notebook can help by drawing pictures to help communicate.

People who do not speak English often get viewed as second class citizens and less important in the world. They also get viewed as less intelligent. People automatically think they are not smart enough to learn to speak English. While trying to communicate with people who do not…