Human Environment Interaction

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The people of Middle East from Southwest Asia have modified the physical environment by the discovering of oil. This change has resulted in better economic, population, and ecosystem.
When people find oil in a region it affects the economy in a positive way. A lot of things are made with oil (like plastic, toothpaste, aspirin and gasoline); therefore you can get a lot of money from owning your oil company. Before the oil was discovered in the Middle East, it was all a big desert. They didn’t have anything to get money from all they had were some minerals found, but that was all. They had nothing to sell but to sell goods. It wasn’t a poor economy but it not a rich either. The reason oil brings a lot of money is that there aren’t a lot of people that own it, therefore people could just sell it at the price they want. People would buy it from the seller because is the only resource they have. People are attracted by oil.
People are attracted by money, and oil gives money. That means that when the Middle East founded oil, more people started moving to the Middle East. That means that the country got more taxes. When oil was found there is more employment that means that all the people that go there will have employment. The negative side is that if too many people move to that place they will be unemployment. That will create more violence between people and make a more violent people and create a big violence place. When people move to a place more sickness can happen and they can spread diseases, which makes medication to run out. That’s why is the oil can create a positive change on a region but a bad. In the Middle East it created a good change for making the population go up but didn’t do a bad change.
The discovered of oil affects the region in good ways, but it also has it dark sides. When finding oil there’s a very important thing to consider, the environment, the environment gets a affected in a negative way. When oil industries release Carbon dioxide in to the air the atmosphere gets polluted because the carbon dioxide is a gas that creates greenhouse effects which is the reason