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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Perfection What is perfect? We all have our diiferent views on what or whom embodies the term ,but who is correct? My views in the case of perfection within parent/child relationships and child personalities is bound to be different than yours. Does this mean that I do not understand the term or see less clear than you? Society has created a uniform idea of perfection. Within our culture the perfect female is defined as tall,tan, blonde, and blue-eyed. The perfect male is seen as tall, dark, and handsome. We all know that this is not reflective of the world we live in, right? The appeal of this unifrom idea has reached into the media and shaped our views on our own identities and the views of those around us. Chlidren are most commonly targeted through the media’s appeal and many grow into adults with identity disorders.We have reached a point that wasn’t meant to be crossed. At times I have found my ownself dissatisfied with the way I look, the way I act because of the way he media portrays how I should. God did not intend for us to question his craft. Our drive for perfection/mastery has a negative impact because it skews nature, lowers self-esteem, and fuels misconceptions within the lives of our children.
Nature is the fundamental root of all creation. From it we were created in the image of man/woman. In Genesis, the first chapter of the bible, God creates man from dust/dirt. He then creates woman in man’s image. After their creation God leads man/woman tobare offspring. The process of life is meant to be natural but as the ideal of perfection grows in our society so have attempts to skew nature. In the article, The Case Against Perfection, by Michael J. Sandel, the author uncovers an issue that has become popular in recent years, sex selection. Some Parents spend thousands of dollars on determining the genders, personality traits, and physical attributes of their unborn children. These selection processes can occur through in vitro fertilization, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and online auctions. There is awebsite that auctions sperm and eggs from models anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000. This is ludacris and unethical. Attempting to create perfect children through sexual selection can be seen as discrimination and abortion. Parents also attempt to skew nature by giving their children stimulants or enhancements to perform better or act a certain way. Parents are eager to make their children famed athletes and bright young pupils. This proves to be another negative impact of perfection within child/parent relationships. Children experience emotional despair, resentment, and health issues because of the issue.
You have nothing to worry about if your perfect. This is the befief that some parents instill in theirs and their children’s mind. It is the belief that perfection brings about material possesions, a life of benefits, and easiness. I believe that it is an attempt for parents to live out there own hopes and dreams in the lives of their children. Children experience low self-esteem as a result of their parents sselfish ideals. The child is not allowed to grow and develop his/her own identity. A great example of perfection within parent/child relationships is child beauty pageants. This behavior is most visibly shown on the show Toddlers and Tiara’s. I watched an episode with my mom and I wasn’t shocked to see all the bribery/manipulation parents conveyed upon their children to be perfect or as they call it “Grand Supreme”. Though many fail to admit it , many parents use some form of manipulation upon their children throughout their lifetime. When I was in the 3rd grade I played basball. I wasn’t good but hey,I tried. My mom would offer me five dollars for every home run I hit. I only remember making two home runs that year! To this day she claims that it wasn’t bribery but it was. I quit playing baseball…