Human Failings In The Crucible

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Human failings are common characteristics that affect everyday people in their everyday life, but can sometimes lead to and be traced back to problems that appear within society. In the American playwright, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, human failings spark many conflicts and issues in society in Abigail Williams’ and Elizabeth and John Proctor’s life. The people in Salem have always feared the savage traits of the Native Americans, when in fact, in the end they are the ones who fall under this category due to their childish qualities of dishonesty, jealousy, and vengeance deeply affecting many of characters in the play. Dishonesty has been a problem since the beginning of the play and throughout. Not being honest with others is the …show more content…
Reverend Parris is jealous of John Proctor’s good name the way he deals with this is not liking Proctor. He is jealous of the respect Proctor gets and frequently lashes out at him. Second, Mrs. Putnam is jealous of Rebecca Nurse because of how she is the perfect Puritan woman. The play is set in the time period where everyone is good and holy and Mrs. Putnam is scared she does not meet these standards. She is scared of being judged and is envious of Rebecca because she is exactly what she wants to be like. In addition, Abigail is rejected by John Proctor after their affair and she is jealous of the woman who did not get rejected, his wife Elizabeth. He breaks it off with her by hastily saying “I will cut my hand off before I’ll ever reach for you again”(23). This sparked her anger and the jealousy she has of what John and Elizabeth have leads to her wanting her dead, accusing her of witchcraft as well as condemning many others causing chaos throughout Salem. Until Abigail gets what she wants, the jealousy-driven accusations are her ticket to getting John Proctor back.
Vengeance in The Crucible plays along with dishonesty and jealously. Elizabeth wants to get back at Abigail for stealing her husband from her and even though John and Elizabeth continued to stay together, she is still angry towards Abigail and her actions. In result to the affair, Abigail is