The Lost Boys Africa

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The “Lost Boys” were the boys who fled Sudan for safety. Before the civil war the people of Sudan had plenty of food and water but once the war started they lost all of that. The Muslim government ordered their army to kill all the men in the South. If you weren’t Muslim the troops would kill you. In order to escape the consequences of not being Muslim, twenty-seven thousand “Lost Boys” fled to Ethiopia. This was an internal migration. Once the Ethiopia government collapsed in 1991, the “Lost Boys” had to flee back through Sudan to Kakuma, Kenya. By the summer of 1992, the international aid organization learned about the boys and they set up relief operations at the border of Sudan. By the time the boys reached the border of Kenya their numbers were reduced to twelve thousand and their five year exodus was finally over. Once the “Lost Boys” reached the refugee camp they weren’t expected to stay there. They needed to have a home. The United States decided to lend a hand and they agreed to take some of the “Lost Boys” as refugees. This was going to be an international migration and a forced migration. Once they arrived to the United States the “Lost Boys” were safe from any harm and they weren’t expected to go back to Sudan because they would be executed there. The civil war forced these Sudanese boys to flee the country. In the United States they were given another chance. They were given an opportunity to get a better education and life. In addition, they could find jobs and they wouldn’t need to worry as much about food and water. The push and pull factors brought them to the United States and it gave