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10th lit comp 4th block
Death be not proud
The heartbreak of a tumor and the power of love in death be not proud will touch your heart, because the love one has for their son is the strongest love there is. No matter how bad the tumor got Johnny’s parents were there through it all. And as soon as Johnny started to mature he began to realize how much his parents actually loved him. Johnny is an intelligent boy that in spite of the poor condition he was in, still didn’t stop him from graduating, he faced many obstacles but his courage and will power helped him face them all Johnny was more worried about school than his tumor, he really wanted to go to Harvard, he was not going to let his tumor stop him from succeeding, he would always write letters to his teachers to give him make up work and tests and exams he has missed, and sometimes his teachers would visit him. he was telling his dad to go to the store to get him things to experiment with, he even wrote a letter to albert Einstein about a theory he had and got a response. There were many things that the doctors had tried on Johnny including the Gerson diet, and mustard gas/shots. The gerson diet was working really good, it was making him feel healthier and he lost weight and all his blood pressures and everything was under control, but it slowly stopped helping Johnny, and Johnny knew it wasn’t helping, so he kept begging to be taken off the diet so after a long while his doctors took him off the diet. Some doctors even believe it didn’t help him at all. Meanwhile they put him on mustard gas, his dad searched everywhere for some and finally found some. They worked at first; he was healing at a great rate, but after about a week he was getting…