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Executive Summary

1. Introduction

Bing Lee is an Australian retailing company specializing in consumer electronics, computers, and household goods. Bing Lee is completely family owned business started its business back in 1957 in Fairfield. It has a long record of success and growth in the retail industry. Owner of Bing Lee Father Bing and son Ken were migrant from China and they start their business with targeting other immigrants. As migrants themselves, both understood how migrants would want to improve their lifestyles and along the way take advantage of the many benefits of household electrical appliances. Before make any decision they first approach with the customer and listen to them, then after they proceed ahead. They always treat their staff, supplier and customer as a part of family. Now they run 40 stores including 4 franchise stores across NSW and ACT where more than 800 employees are working. Its main head office is at Old Guildford and also main ware house also at same place.In this stores customer can find everything from household appliances to latest gadgets. Sometime Bing Lee offers customer bonuses and gifts for the products they purchases.

As we know to do staffing plan or say to do job design Human Resource Manager’s role is important in any organisation. The purpose of Human Resource Management (HRM) is to hire new employee, train and develop them. Through effective training and development, employees at organisation achieve promotion within the company and reach their full potential and also organisation will reach their goal. HR Manager has to motivate their staff to do work on right way which makes organisation to reach their mission.

Human Resource Manager, Sean Ng is with Bing Lee from last seven years. He works with executive management to ensure the most appropriately qualified employees are positioned in the most appropriate roles. It is really tough jobs to recruiting new employee for the organisation. When hiring needs arise, he develops a job description, advertises for the position and screens and interviews applicants. He also performs background checks, contacts references and invites other executives to be part of the interview process to ensure a good fit with a new employee. When a new employee is hired, he has to draws up the necessary contractual paperwork and asks the employee to fill out appropriate tax documentation forms, bank details and other documentation. When an employee quits or is fired, the he conducts an exit interview, issues a final pay check and makes arrangements to file final tax paperwork on the employee's behalf. He takes possession of the employee's keys, codes and access passes prior to finalizing the termination of employment.

Unless the company has a training manager on staff, the human resources manager is responsible for conducting new employee orientation. The human resources manager is involved in salary negotiations. He also oversees company benefits, helping employees select appropriate options and explaining coverage terms. If the organization has a retirement plan, a health savings account or a profit sharing program, the human resources manager coordinates efforts with the accounting and finance division to ensure employees are appropriately compensated.

As Bing Lee has a 4 non-negotiable service and sales standards for their staffs such as; acknowledge and approach every customer, demonstrate the whole Bing Lee solution, ask for the sale and thank and invite the customer. The staffs from Bing Lee has to know about its important things like they have to check their daily summary, remember their weekly target, sales evaluation, clear all the obsolete stock and maintain GP. And also things not to do by them are not recommending installer, not making fake dockets, not to disclose confidentiality of customer’s information. These are the only basics things that sales staffs follow Bing Lee’s procedure.